Seattle -> Boise

Let me tell you a little about myself and why I moved to Boise.

I was raised in University Place, WA about 50 miles south of Seattle and when I graduated from high school I quickly left home and moved to Seattle to start at the University of Washington (1 month early). Once I settled in to school and life in the city, I never wanted to leave.

Seattle is a beautiful city – everywhere is green and blue from Lake Union to Elliott Bay and Greenlake to Discovery Park, not to mention the hordes of Sounders and Seahawks fans. What’s not to love? This place has it all – great food, fun bars (divey and otherwise), great coffee (guess what, it’s not SBUX), excellent shopping, access to the outdoors, I could go on.

I probably would have stayed in the Puget Sound forever if it weren’t for Phil encouraging me to try something new and get out of my comfort zone, which everyone says is a good thing but much harder to do in practice.

As much as I loved Seattle, the rising cost of living and rapidly growing population (translate as traffic) made us rethink our plans for the next few years. What do we want to do with our careers? Do we want to buy a house? How much can we afford? Where could we live? The answers to those questions led to us moving in with my Mom for 9 months while we figured out the next move.

I won’t go into the challenges of living with your SO and your mother after eight years of independent living…you can imagine that for yourself. I will say that this time allowed us to save a lot of money and freed us to explore opportunities outside of Washington.

Last Spring Phil applied to an engineering position at Micron and by mid-June he had an offer. It all happened so quickly. While it was a great opportunity for Phil’s career and a new adventure in a new town, I was scared. I was faced with the difficult decision of quitting the job I loved and leaving the city I loved, not to mention all of our friends and family.

Thinking back on those weeks of deliberation, I was so concerned about moving to Boise and not finding a job, or getting a job and hating it, not having any friends, or growing to resent Phil for bringing me to Boise and ruining our relationship. We talked a lot about our future and the thing that I remember most clearly and that meant the most to me was Phil’s promise to be patient with me. His promise to be patient and understanding with me when I was frustrated in my job search or lonely and homesick gave me the confidence to leave everything behind and move to Idaho.

Saying goodbye to friends and family was really hard and I have missed home many times since I’ve moved. BUT there are so many ways to stay in touch that I don’t feel like I’m very far away (except I can’t meet them for happy hour anymore). What I’m trying to say, since I’m terrible at expressing emotions, is that I’m doing OK. I’m starting a new job soon. Phil and I are having a great time exploring Idaho with Lima. We’ve made some new friends and my Mom is coming to visit twice in December.

This post is quite a bit longer than I’d expected but I wanted to provide some background for the content I will be sharing here. It’s also cathartic to talk about how it feels moving to a new city. When most people asked me why I was moving to Boise I would reply with a positive cookie cutter response: We’re looking for a new adventure! or Phil has an incredible career opportunity! Not that those aren’t true but I rarely told friends and family that I was also scared and nervous. In any case, I look forward to posting more about my new life in Boise (and whatever else may come).

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