Woman’s Best Friend

Remember when I said that I had a few major life changes coming up? Well, over the last couple of months, some of those changes have come to pass and (drum roll please) I’m a new dog mom and her name is Lima!

That’s Lima, like Peru, not like a lima bean (although that’s one of her nicknames). It’ll make more sense once I tell the story of how I ended up with Lima. A good friend of mine from college lives and works six months a year in the Amazonian jungle of Peru and one day she found a litter of puppies in town. Peru, like most of South America, has a lot of stray dogs which can be a nuisance to the local community so they usually drown them in the river…there’s no way to put that kindly. In any case, she rescued the mom and her litter, nursed them to health and brought them to Seattle to be adopted. And that’s how I ended up with this little nugget of joy and snuggles in my life and I couldn’t be happier!

I picked her up on September 17 and drove/moved to Boise, ID on September 18 so she had a very busy few days at first but we’re all settling in wonderfully. She’s a great dog, seriously, she’s such an easy-perfect-delightful pup.

Here are some snaps:

Also, her bed is the worst and must be destroyed…

And when we take her to the park on the river she goes crazy (and it’s the cutest!)…

I love her a lot.

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